Matt Marshall

February 2021

The accounting software at work says I have a notification but then it refuses to load when I click, and I therefore can't get rid of the little red number.

This is definitely the attention economy version of hell.

software tech computing attention

Can a comrade please assure me that Infected Mushroom is either pro-palestine or at least acknowledges that a lot of the settlements are illegal?

I can't find anything online but I've admittedly not looked very hard. Really like the music but can't be trucking with enemies of Palestine.

life music palestine

Look, I'm fine with people who snore. Really I am. But how is it fair that they universally manage to get to sleep first? Pick one!

life sleep

Does anyone else remember when podcasts used to have nice little adverts for like pillows and mattresses? I feel that that now all podcast ads are for… other podcasts‽ And they all sound really rubbish.

capitalism podcasts

I've been feeling quite tense around the shoulders and neck lately (big problem area for me), and realised recently that this might be related in no small way to my decision nlto stop completing the "trifecta" daily.

The "trifecta" is a series of three strength-lead active stretches (sometimes known as strength holds): the L-Sit; the bridge hold; and the twist.

I used to do them in the morning before work and after my regular training but the faff of 2019/20 caused them to become erratic in my routine before fizzling out. I've just idly performed a twist hold at the end of my day to test the waters and wow -- I already feel better. It might be time to pick them back up slowly starting with twists. Like an old friend you suddenly reconnect with and who adds something to your life you'd forgotten you needed.

calisthenics life health

It's not often I sit listen to music-that-has-lyrics while I'm working but I'm feeling nostalgic and listening to In Flames - Clayman and mannn it's so good. Might try to make an effort to listen to more music while I work in the future.

Also, oddly, while skimming the wikipedia article for this note I learned some tracks have been re-recorded to mixed responses. I shall be investigating soon.

nostalgia life music