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So I'm grieving right now

01 March, 2021

life death feels family covid-19 grief

A year of journaling

06 November, 2020

life habits writing mental health journaling wellbeing

Finding joy in converting a file

15 September, 2020

life technology joy

You should write to your MP, here's a template

11 September, 2020

politics covid-19 pandemic furlough peoples assembly

Writing a thesis in markdown

17 July, 2020

minimalism phd markdown technology thesis plaintext

Your brain on liberalism (a quick socialist rant)

06 July, 2020

liberalism socialism The Guardian rants

State of my phone 2020-06

15 June, 2020

minimalism FLOSS open source free software phone de-google

Routine is a tool, not the point

31 January, 2020

capitalism life work alienation Labour self care mental health routine

Review of TURF @ Goodspace in Newcastle upon Tyne

28 June, 2019

newcastle charities impact coworking mental health TURF @ Goodspace co-working

Review of the VIP Inn Berna Hotel in Lisbon

18 May, 2019

review work travel hotels

Capitalism and the Planet - a happy May Day to all

01 May, 2019

spirituality may day international workers day solidarity extinction rebellion

(Almost) Off into the sunset; what I've been up to for the last six months

12 April, 2019

life work recovery phd writing open data mental health co-ops odsc

2018 was a Long Year

16 February, 2019

life reflection work academia phd 2018 mental health

About Me

08 February, 2019


Another List of Stuff I Own (December 2018)

01 December, 2018

stuff minimalism clutter list items

Goodbye Twitter

10 November, 2018

life habits twitter web internet social media entertainment tranquility

Gratitude List Autumn 2018

09 October, 2018

life reflection minimalism Stoicism gratitude lists

Quick thoughts on Minimalist Design Patterns for Brimstone

01 August, 2018

development brimstone minimalism php minimalist design design patterns web design

Initial thoughts on the new laptop

22 July, 2018

work ubuntu xubuntu laptops devices new things shiny things free software pc specialist

Brief reflections on my relationship with photos

04 July, 2018

reflection minimalism data curation photography values


06 June, 2018

development brimstone indieweb php

A List of Stuff I Own (May 2018)

28 May, 2018

stuff minimalism clutter list items

Accountability Work: Examining the Values, Technologies and Work Practices that Facilitate Transparency in Charities

19 March, 2018

papers ethnography ethnomethodology phd chi2018 charities third sector hci peer reviewed accounting accountability work practice civics transparency

[Ramble] My relationship with self-care

06 February, 2018

self care resting vigor doing

[Mundane Snapshot] Stuff on my Phone

22 January, 2018

FLOSS Mundane Snapshot daily life phones apps open source

On Screens

01 November, 2017

reflection screens humanity etymology rambling thoughts

Suspicious Emails

20 October, 2017

suspicious accessibilility web crawlers

All about the sleep

18 October, 2017

training calisthenics strength sleep discipline

Going to Ground

10 October, 2017

training growth emotions the feels stagnation

Flatmates and Housework

03 October, 2017

cleaning federici houswork flatmates struggle

Dying Light

22 September, 2017

training calisthenics growth equinox rebirth stars


12 September, 2017

life reflection essentialism priority clutter simplicity

A slice of PIE

05 September, 2017

food humanism PIE hearth comfort

Equinox planting

01 September, 2017

growth equinox autumn harvest weather

Memento Mori

29 August, 2017

reflection journalling challenge death life,

Decluttering Update

25 August, 2017

minimalism plants declutter space updates

Every morning

22 August, 2017

humanism sunrise morning poetic shithead

Boats and a fear of success

18 August, 2017

boats success hero's journey adventures procrastination

Fasting Pt 3: Towards my Media Fasting goals

25 July, 2017

goals happiness fasting media addiction slowness lifestyle

Fasting Pt 2: Towards my new Dietary Fast

21 July, 2017

training calisthenics happiness fasting diet risks health

Strength Training, Fasting, and Emotional Labour

18 July, 2017

Labour strength training making stuff fasting energy daily routines emotional energy

GE2017 Reaction: I feel the sun

13 June, 2017

Labour GE2017 Corbyn socialism hope memorableevents

Unpublished ACM Submission

31 May, 2017

papers research open peer-review

Am I a Maker?

26 May, 2017

making maker humanism species essence

The Simple Peace of Mending Socks

04 May, 2017

capitalism feminism privilege diy socks mending

Journalling 014 -- Nostalgia

25 April, 2017

nostalgia rant reflection growth privilege journalling adulthood

Journalling 013 -- Kaizen and Handstands

18 April, 2017

journalling challenge improvement hand-stands kaizen

Journalling 012 -- If I were a folk of leisure

11 April, 2017

reflection journalling happiness whatif romanticisism future fiction

Journalling 011 -- Distractions

04 April, 2017

reflection journalling distractions trials improvement anabolism catabolism

Journalling 010 -- Nostalgia

21 March, 2017

nostalgia reflection journalling happiness hero journey

Journalling 009 -- Project Outline

17 March, 2017

journalling project crafts presents diy

Journalling 008 -- Social Circles

14 March, 2017

reflection liberalism journalling challenge politics socialnetworks communism alienation

Journalling 007 -- Levelling up, a roadmap for myself

10 March, 2017

reflection minimalism journalling challenge purchases budgeting levelling up

Journalling 006 - A Day in the Life

07 March, 2017

reflection journalling challenge everyday work

Pulling away from Big Google

09 February, 2017

privacy mydevice nocloud degoogle security

Journalling 005 - Reflections on Career Path

03 February, 2017

reflection growth journalling challenge career school

Journalling 004 - 6 Word Memoir

03 February, 2017

reflection journalling challenge thought memoir short

Journalling 003 - A Letter

31 January, 2017

reflection journalling challenge letter love chance

Brimstone: Plans and Situated Actions

30 January, 2017

cms brimstone data content

Journalling 002- Via Negativa

26 January, 2017

goals reflection journalling challenge vianegative habits

Journalling 001 - A Positive Habit

24 January, 2017

reflection meditation journalling challenge

Thoughts on Minimalism, Zero Waste, and Class

06 January, 2017

minimalism classism class zerowaste liberalism

Year in Strength 2016 - Reflections on Strength Training

05 January, 2017

calisthenics strength reflections yearinstrength

Week in Review - 20 Dec 16

28 December, 2016

books madrid weekinreview privilege

A bit of DeGoogling

11 December, 2016

privacy google cloud anticloud data music control

Riding Shotgun (or Getting a Grip)

05 December, 2016

calisthenics strength grip measurements quantifiedself

Hero's Journey: Call to Adventure, or Road of Trials?

15 November, 2016

development reflection growth josephcampbell herosjourney

Marked for Release (or Letting Go)

30 October, 2016

stuff books cleaning charity feminism authors memory

Thinking about 'Stuff'

19 October, 2016

diary stuff reflection minimalism classism

Quick Evaluation of Brimstone CMS and my Silo Use

11 October, 2016

brimstone socialmedia indieweb silo todo

The Great Reclaim: Where I am with social media

04 October, 2016

diary facebook reflections socialmedia

Feature Creep, and Doing.

16 August, 2016

calisthenics diary development reflections brimstone life

Saving on Sushi

22 June, 2016

diary food sushi money

Reflections on my Facebook use

15 June, 2016

diary facebook privacy capitalism

Accountable: Exploring the Inadequacies of Transparent Financial Practice in the Non-Profit Sector

09 May, 2016

papers chi2016 charities hci peer reviewed accountability civics transparency mres thematic analysis

The End of the Tunnel (is in sight)

22 April, 2016

training calisthenics strength diary pullups

Grumbly Review - VidaHost hosting (is bad for devs)

12 April, 2016

review grumble vidahost development

Please use PDF

01 March, 2016

diary rant marking academia, phd

I'm going to run to Mordor

22 January, 2016

training diary goals

Jar of Broken Dreams

10 January, 2016

diary badpoetry peanutbutter nostalgia

Year In Strength 2015 – Reflections on Training

05 January, 2016

training calisthenics strength review diary bigsix convictconditioning

Tags vs Categories: All hail tags

29 December, 2015

tags cms design posts hashtags

Fifteen Years Later (A trip down memory lane)

29 December, 2015

memorylane badwebdesign opensource

Reflections on Notes and Pretty Urls

05 December, 2015