Matt Marshall


Is there a word to describe the feeling you get when someone buys you an enormous box of tea but it's a brand you don't like and you're incredibly grateful because it's such a lovely gesture but then you try to make a cup of tea and try your best to like it but it tastes manky but then you feel guilty for feeling that way and then you feel bad for being so choosy about tea but tea's important to you and now you have around 250 manky brews to look forward to but you love the person who brought you the tea and don't want to not drink them and you wish you were less choosy and really the person was just trying to help and it's been one of the nicest gestures someone's made for you in a long time and then you're overwhelmed with gratitude and then you take another sip of tea but it tastes manky and then it starts over again.

Is there a word for that?

tea gratitude