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28 May 2018, 00:00

A List of Stuff I Own (May 2018)

I recently decided to do an inventory of all my things that I have in my flat. This list is meant to represent a snapshot of how things look when I'm at home on an average evening / day. I'm sure I've left stuff out. The goal is to post something like this every so often and reflect on the things I have.

This list is organised by location, and then sublocation. It's designed to help me make sense of where my clutter lives. I've left out wall decorations, house plants, and clothes; as I want to make a separate post about clothes and the others are carefully curated anyway.

A quick Ctrl+F of the source code for this post reveals I have 282 items. I want to be clear I don't think there is a magic number of items I'm trying to achieve, but this is a lot more than I expected. And I haven't even considered clothes.


Walls + Floor

  • hiking / day-wear boots
  • 'deck' shoes
  • training shoes
  • black washcloth
  • tenugui handtowel
  • black handtowel
  • 5x reusable carrier bags, assorted capacities
  • 2x black bandanas


  • rope
  • bergen backpack
  • canvas satchel
  • travel compact clothes bag
  • laundry basket
  • day bag

Door hanger

  • thermal jacket
  • shemagh / keffiyeh: western-style (brown)
  • shemagh / keffiyeh: saudi style (red + white, dyed black)
  • shemagh / keffiyeh: palestine style (black + white, tassled)
  • polish
  • black hoodie


  • dremel + bits
  • drill bits
  • sinew thread
  • leather awl
  • thick needle assortment
  • respirator
  • respirator
  • safety goggles
  • plant seeds
  • drill bit set
  • plant food
  • mess tins
  • large camping knife
  • corded drill
  • pyrography set
  • scrap leather (used as protection when carving)
  • stock leatger (10mm and 4mm thicknesses)
  • assorted sandpaper sheets
  • measuring jug
  • steel ruler
  • files x3
  • assorted plastic ring sizers
  • blowtorch head
  • IKEA furniture keys
  • coping saw
  • hacksaw
  • fancy dipping pen
  • yarn + naalbinding needle
  • tin camping mug
  • talc powder
  • waterproof poncho
  • store brand disinfectant
  • butane gas
  • silicon waterproofing spray
  • surface cleaner
Large tin used for storage
  • 13x assorted pieces of bone (cleaned, stock for carving)
  • vanilla fragrance Oil
  • mango fragrance oil
  • apple fragance oil
  • 100ml amber bottle with dropper
  • 3x 50ml amber bottle
  • 3x ingots of beeswax (~2g each)
  • screwdriver w/ wooden handle
  • 35 ml measuring cup
  • 2x steel hipflask fillers (for pouring oil)
  • 2x pencils
  • 2x rolls of electrical tape
  • ram's horn (cleaned)
  • lump of calcite (carving stock)
  • rough carved bone jewelry (mjolnir necklace)
  • hex key

Really useful box

  • leather cord
  • black paracord
  • electronic screwdriver set
  • craft knife
  • wood chisels x 5
  • binder clips x6
  • steel ring sizer
  • essential oil: lemon
  • essential oil: eucalyptus
  • essential oil: cedarwood
  • essential oil: bergamot
  • essential oil: wintergreen
  • essential oil: peppermint
  • essential oil: petitgrain
  • essential oil: lime
  • essential oil: tea tree
  • essential oil: birch
  • essential oil: orange

TV stand

  • laptop
  • laptop stand
  • ps4
  • hard drive
  • television
  • surge protector
  • V's blanket
  • Black blanket
  • floor cushion
  • floor cushion

Chest of Drawers

  • Bin

Drawer 0

  • clothes

Drawer 1

  • Current clothes
  • Bike pump

  • Suncream

  • Moisturiser
  • Dusters
  • Titanium Beard comb
  • steel beard comb
  • cartridge razor suspended in oil
  • Beard oil
Day Box
  • Runes
  • custom notebook
  • pocket notebook
  • Front door keys
  • Wallet
  • Opinel pocket knife
  • Glasses with case
  • mirror
  • boat keys
  • back door + marina keys
  • ditty bag (empty)
  • pencil case with pen, pencil, ruler
  • butane lighter
  • mystery key
  • compass + V's hair
  • beard beards x3
  • thread
  • box
Beard Box
  • Oil
  • Oil
  • Oil
  • Oil
  • Oil
  • Oil
  • Oil
  • Oil

Drawer 2

B's drawer. Wilderness

Drawer 3

  • Ps3
  • mini USB cable (for ps3 controller)
  • micro USB cable (for ps4 controller)

  • Bracers thick

  • bracers thin
  • black tie
  • red washcloth
  • red hand towel
  • jumper/sweater
  • swimming trunks
  • formal trousers
  • Grey hoodie
  • purple hand towel
  • white tee
  • black jogging trousers
  • Ps4 Crash trilogy
  • Ps4 Fallout 4
  • Ps4 Skyrim
  • Ps4 Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Ps4 Borderlands Handsome Collection
  • Ps4 Lego Star Wars Ep 7

  • Ps3 God of War Collection

  • Ps3 Metal Gear HD collection
  • Ps3 MGS4
  • Ps3 MGS5 Ground Zeroes
  • Ps3 MGS5 Phantom Pain
  • Ps3 Assassin' Creed 2
  • Ps3 Assassin' Creed 3
  • Ps3 Assassin' Creed 4

  • Ps2 Soul Reaver 2

  • Ps2 MGS 2
Grooming Kit
  • beard trimmer
  • clippers
  • cleaning brush for clippers
  • clippers mains charger
  • beard trimmer mains charger
  • badger brush
  • dove soap
  • hair scissors
  • cartridge razor base
  • toenail clippers

Bedside Table

  • lamp
  • decorative statues
  • steel water bottle
  • Phone
  • nail clippers
  • tweezers

Drawer 0

  • ocarina
  • backup drive
  • spare earbud ends
  • hard drive + USB keys
  • medicine box
  • studio headphones
  • TV remote
  • ps4 controller
  • ps3 controller
  • kindle
  • USB cables w/ ditty bags
  • documents w/ wallet
  • Gopro w/ pouch
  • Sewing pins
  • backup phone
  • portable battery
  • measuring tape
  • spare usb charger
  • vapour rub
  • spare bike keys
  • black sewing thread
  • NA plug converter
  • EU plug converter
  • EU plug for USB charger
  • passport
  • sewing kit in tin
  • Barclaycard
  • Newcastle library card
  • Anthony Nolan card
  • ehic card
  • HSBC main account card
  • ucu membership card
  • CPB membership card
  • organ donor card

Drawer 1

  • bike lock
  • sex toys
  • lubricant
  • condoms
  • bike rear light

Under Bed

  • Steel bowl
  • USB mains charger
  • USB C cable
  • Micro USB csble


  • Convict Conditioning (CC)
  • CC 2
  • CC 3
  • C-Mass
  • naked warrior
  • complete calisthenics
  • competent crew skills
  • sailing essentials
  • yachtmaster scheme
  • scrapbook

Day Bag

  • Cutlery
  • Lip balm
  • USB cables
  • Audio recorder
  • Spare keyring rings
  • Hi-vis jacket (for cycling)
  • Hi-vis arm band (for cycling)
  • Lunch Box
  • Water bottle
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof trousers


  • Dove soap
  • Black handtowel
  • Toothbrush + case
  • Toothpaste


  • decorative drinking horn
  • whiskey glass
  • pewter stein
  • ramikens x4
  • Chinese bowls x2
  • Chinese soup spoon x2
  • Chinese condiment bowl x2
  • mandolin
  • lunchbox
  • plastic food storage x10
  • bamboo reusable cloths x5
  • slow cooker
  • hand blender
  • food defrosting plate
  • sushi hangiri
  • sushi nigiri press
  • spider
  • bamboo rolling mat
  • silicon rolling mat
  • engraved spatula "sushi"
  • engraved wooden sushi board

Sitting Room

  • Camping chair
  • ab wheel
  • "Henchgripz" horizontal bar
  • resistance bands x4 (assorted strength)
  • wooden board game set
  • hnefatafl board
  • battleships set
  • carved walking stick
  • solstice tree (stored)
  • solstice tree decorations (stored)

stuff minimalism clutter list items

12 Sep 2017, 09:04


Last night I just finished a book on 'Essentialism'. I came across it throughout my travels on the net, as it came up in comments sections of a lot of Minimalism stuff I've been reading. Essentialism basically sells itself as the work-life balance counterpart to Minimalism. That is, where Minimalism is concerned with the cognitive and emotional drain caused by physical clutter; Essentialism is concerned with the job or todo list clutter that permeates your work, and can creep into your personal life. The basic mantras of Essentialism are: "Do one thing, well"; and, perhaps more pertinently "If you don't priotise your life, someone else will".

To be honest, there was nothing particularly groundbreaking in the book for me. I've done a lot of reading around lifestyle and happiness things and they all basically boil down to one thing, which is balancing hedonistic pleasure with purposeful and mindful activities. Essentialism did reinforce my personal work practice of not half-arseing two things but whole-arseing one thing, and why it's a lot more productive to work this way in both employed labour and personal activities. The only thing which stood out to me really was the explanation of the word Priority and its place in everyday parlance.

According to the book (and I didn't check its sources yet; though it did list them), the word Priority entered the English language in the 16th century and means literally "the thing that comes first". Pretty straightforward. The interesting thing is that it didn't have a plural form until the turn of the 20th century, when the Industrial Revolution had propelled modern Capitalism to grand heights. I realised then that I've only ever really heard people ask me what my "Priorities" are, never the one thing that's most important to me. So I guess I want to talk about that.

I could list the things most important to me, and they'd sound a lot like the list everyone else would give: enough money so that I can not worry about a roof and food, plus a little extra for treats now and then; the flexibility to make sure that I can enjoy my training regularly; keeping good company, both romantic, sexual, and friendly; access to good food and water.

They're all way too generic really, but I think they all boil down to one simple theme which I will be taking up as my single priority from now on: Strength. All of the above listed things make me a stronger human being in some way shape or form; they provide means to strengthen my body, mind, and emotional core (spirit?). I guess that means I could theoretically fit everything into that mould, but what I really want is to start asking myself "How does this make me stronger?" for everything I do. It'll help me discern what play-time is required for recharging batteries and stimulating creativity vs what is a habit formed by addiction (ie Netflix). It'll make me reflect on how and when I 'treat' myself to snack food, when actually I need to balance the emotional gratification with the nutrients my body needs to thrive.

Anyway, it was nice to know that other people have the practice of shutting out the clutter, and it reinforced my fortitude for continuing to do so.

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