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Seriously thinking of adapting Dan Lucraft's Plaintext Organiser to smooth out some gaps in my plaintext system.

One thing I've been struggling with is keeping different projects and contexts under wraps; although now using one file per project seems to have sorted that. I also like the idea that I can pilfer bits and pieces from various productivity systems, but I do still use my python adaption of rather than organising each list.

Lots of food for thought.

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I've had a really sore wrist all day, no understanding as to why and I've just searched for my symptoms and it's likely RSI. I mean, can my body not wait until I'm a nice round 30 before it starts to fall apart please?

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The accounting software at work says I have a notification but then it refuses to load when I click, and I therefore can't get rid of the little red number.

This is definitely the attention economy version of hell.

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