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Consider how quickly all things are dissolved and resolved: the bodies and substances themselves into the matter and substance of the world: and their memories into the general age and time of the world

Marcus Aurelius always cheers me up when I'm sad

Last Modified: 19 Aug 2018, 23:42

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I'm not sure why it always surprises me, but it does. Tea is actually the best. It always makes me feel a lot better, like a hug from the inside.

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My resolution for this coming Equinox is to remember the restorative effects of my "foundational rituals" (stuff that makes me, me). I've been feeling thoroughly crappy lately and stuff like my Strength Training has suffered, and haven't been up to performing them much leading to feeling crappier.

I managed to start breaking out of this cycle last week through heavy focus on exercise (my bedrock) and I've never felt this good in a while. Still a ways to go, but upwards.

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