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14 Jun 2018, 23:47

Bah, it's growing increasingly likely I'll have to replace my home laptop soon. Less than 1hr battery life, coupled with a dodgy charging port means it's really difficult to get much done.

Oh and the screen is busted to hell. Poor laptop :-(

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06 Jul 2018, 19:02

Just been informed that my laptop order will be delayed as the chassis won't be delivered to the manufactrer until ~20th Jul.

Current laptop currently requires blood sacrifices to charge properly. I feel that I'm about to take a break from digital media at home :-P

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03 Sep 2018, 14:54

I really want to start switching to a Dvorak keyboard layout because I've always deeply enjoyed it every time I've spent time with one; but I also don't want to be that guy who uses Linux, writes in LaTeX, AND has a Dvorak keyboard :-/

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