All about the sleep

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by on 2017-10-18 | License Permalink

This week I’ve modified my training routine from circuit repeated on Tuesdays and Fridays to a Mon-Wed-Fri routine outlined in ‘Good Behaviour’ in Convict Conditioning. The reasoning behind this is to give each exercise some specific attention and my gains a shot in the arm.

The first day, Monday, went amazingly. However this morning was pretty dire and I felt extremely tired during the whole thing. This is largely due to the fact my sleep was more terrible than on Sunday night. My nutrition was pretty good, but my discipline for Tuesday evening was pretty non-existent. I’m going to redouble my efforts to ensure that I get an amazing night’s sleep each night, media fast and all that.

I’ll give it a month of ‘Good behaviour’ and try to gain some reps on each exercise, and get a jump on Handstands. Then I’ll re-evaluate.