Matt Marshall

December 2020

Writing thesis and listening to music that I was getting into at 14; growing my hair out and thinking "we'll have sorted global warming when I'm 30".

At 29 I've got a shaved head and beard, water futures are a thing, and I think I'm living as the gritty reboot of myself at 16.

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Even as someone with a university login and access to journals I often still use Sci-hub; partly for support and partly because I don't have to log in every damn time my browser closes.

Honestly academic journals are as paranoid as thieves. You'd think they were hoarding stolen good or something…

capitalism life academia phd writing journals

Needlessly spicy take: I get super irritated at the internet slang "hooman" to refer to humans from a cute-animal pov.

I don't know why I don't like it; cutesy typing and such is a-ok with me, but it's just the fucking worst. "hooman". Eurgh.

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