Some quick site notes

by on 2021-08-14 | License Permalink

Hello there. Just a short post to keep the blog ticking over. As you may have read from my previous posts on migrating the site to Jekyll, my Summer Solstice Update, and in my Now page; I’m learning some Esperanto in my downtime. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I’m at the point where I want to try my hand at writing longer texts in the language.

As such, I’ve produced an Esperanto section of the website. These followed instructions graciously outlined by Anthony Granger. It’s probably not the most technically perfect solution that exists, but it’s good enough for me and doesn’t involve ridiculous plugins. Each page or blog post with a translation in Esperanto (or any other language for that matter!) will have a small language list underneath the page title. The Esperanto language blog posts are actually stored seperately so while I shall strive to release most content in both languages; there will be some divergence as I explore things like Esperanto poetry. I do not expect to translate historic posts into the language.

My website only has a few pages which are not blog posts, so each of those have been translated already. I’ve also separated out the “now” content away from About to its own page, but instead of listing it on the navigation menu I’ve simply imported it into the homepage so that there’s more content there.

In another note; I’m taking a break from the only social media I had left (Reddit, unless YouTube counts?) and one of the things I found was that I missed finding articles to read. So I’m going to be trawling the web and hopefully sharing some interesting links here occasionally.

And that’s it!