Some links for November 2021

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It’s that time of the month again where I share some links that interested me. Three links seems to be a nice, healthy, level. No gemini:// links yet, but they’re coming.

  • Libertarianism is not what you think – Heydon writes clearly, succinctly, and brilliantly about how the superficial appeal of right-libertarianism masks a shallow philosophy which is designed to further empower those who want to work you to death without any regulations affecting their liberty to do so.
  • Ebooks are an abomination – I actually read this article back in September (I swear it used to be called something different?), and I’ve got a response to it sitting half-finished in drafts. I disagree with the tone of this article a lot and reject some points made in the conclusion, but from an interactional design perspective the core argument around the haeccities of books was an eye-opener for me. Thoughts to follow, one day.
  • A Solarpunk Post (Tumblr) – I wouldn’t normally link off to a Tumblr blog or other silos, but someone sent me this and I want to pass it on. It contains a list of UK-centric resources to take a break from the US-centred stuff that we often find online.