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Since the gyms closed yesterday I've already spotted a tripling of the number of people working out in Heaton park this morning. It was nice to have company, and I'm hoping to swap knowledge (from a healthy distance) about bodyweight training.

If it gets a bit crowded, I'll have to default back to 0530 workouts as I enjoy the solitude. But for now, it was nice.

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Managed to achieve a solid beginner standard for Uneven hangs (example). I definitely have a ways to go before progression standard is in sigh thougt; my left arm / hand definitely trails behind my dominant one (I suspected as much based on a year of bar hangs).

Having struggled to maintain a grip training habit for years; I'm excited to have bust through this plateau and finally move on to unilateral work. It's taken patience and discipline, adding only 2s to a single set per workout, but I'm pleased with where I've ended up. Hopefully this will help even out some problems in my shoulders and set up a strong basis for pull-ups.

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