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Usually around this time of year I have to brace myself for exercising outside as I awake and hear the patter of raindrops on the window.

This is for two reasons, really. Firstly I love that sound and am subject to post-sleep cosyness and that makes it harder to get up. Secondly is that, despite loving training in the rain, I take a little while to acclimate. My exercise garb is pretty much the opposite of waterproof so I'll be cold and damp pretty quickly. I am all about the benefits of overcoming this (in fact that's a large part of what I get out of exercising outside) but I still get that hesitation to face the elements.

Today I awoke to the promise of rain and it was a lovely, if not entirely novel, experience to race against it as I finished my training session. When I was completing the second work round of my circuit I felt the first drops of precipitation on my face and smiled. After that I enjoyed the cooling effect of the rain as I ended the session with my grip work.

For me this is what happiness feels like.

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Torn between absolutely loving the cold, blue weather (my favourite) and being worried that this is indicative of our messed up climate.

Anyway, it's reet chilly outside.

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Equinox planting

It's Autumn soon, (on the 22nd September). It's incredibly stereotypical to love this time of year, but I do. Maybe that's something inherent in humanity, maybe something about the temperatures, or the foliage or the fact that we're getting more sleep as the darkness encroaches on our schedule makes us feel a bit more alive.

Maybe it's more societal. The summer harvest is in, the big growing season is over and now we sit back and relax for a few weeks before the weather begins and makes everything just a tad more strenuous. Maybe, due to our agricultural heritage, we've made the school and academic years begin in Autumn (to let the kids help with the harvest). Maybe it's because coffee shops great and small, both the lumbering giant franchises and the sickening quaint local stores, have convinced the population that they need their seasonal fix of pumpkin spice or whatever it is. Maybe it's that everyone is kind of tired of forcing their recreation backlog into the summer, when they're supposed to be active, and now have the excuse as the nights draw in to just lump themselves in their caves with loved ones.

Whatever it is, I don't care. I love the autumn. I've always associated it with new growth, which is weird because what follows is the winter and everything is dormant. The habits I start to form in this season, the seeds I plant now, always yield the most in the years to come. It was autumn that I convinced myself to try out strength training (and look where that got me), it was conversations in the autumn that lead me to picking up Marx, and Federici, and start engaging with philosophy.

Already I can feel stirrings in my body as I desire to enter a new period of growth and change. I'm not sure where it'll lead me, what seeds I'll plant. I'll scatter as many as possible and see what grows.

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