Matt Marshall


Hello, I'm Marshall! I always struggle to write About Me sections so please accept an unordered list of "things-that-I-thought-to-write-down-here" as my way of trying to provide insight into the sort of person I might be.

Things I carry every day (at the moment):

  • Backpack. Old Miltec thing I've carried for years that I don't know the model.
  • Camping cutlery set. There's generally a lack of cutlery in my office.
  • Lunchbox. Plastic. Got it at a supermarket. I own two, in case one requires washing but I can't justify a load of dishes yet.
  • Front door key. I only carry keys that I need at the time. My back door and boat keys live at home in a box until I need them.
  • Pack-down waterproof jacket and trousers. Not heavy-duty but I hate umbrellas.
  • Metal wallet, since it's not bulky. I mostly pay for things with card. The wallet has a money clip for cash when I remember that cash is wonderful and anonymous and more ethical. For coinage, it stays in my pocket (so that it irritates me) until I see someone who needs it and then it goes to them. Usually a rough sleeper or a colleague.
  • Bluetooth earphones. I stayed off bluetooth for ages because I didn't want to keep charging them, but I broke down when my wired ones kept breaking weeks after buying them. These have done me proud for a good 18 months or so now.
  • Pocket Notebook. Sometimes handmade when I'm feeling creative urges, but I'm unopposed to just buying one if it's not too expensive.
  • Minimal pencil case. It's one of those little slim hard plastic things that holds a teeny ruler and a pen and a pencl. I love it.


  • I'm a creature of habit. I've eaten a variation of slow-cooked vegetable/bean chili for lunch most days since January 2016. Friday night is curry night, and saturday night is usually either 'Chinese' night where I try to emulate British-Chinese takeaway food or Sushi night where I try to make sushi.
  • I really enjoy strength training, particularly bodyweight strength. My preferred system is a variation of Convict Conditioning, and I like to train first thing in the morning because I'm fundamentally lazy and my willpower vanishes by around 1500.
  • I dislike harsh electric light, as it makes my skin itch. I like 'warm' LED lights, and if possible I prefer not to use ceiling bulbs (floor and desk lamps are good). I feel most comfortable in natural sunlight (morning / evening especially) or at night.
  • I adore tea. My favourite 'genres' of tea are Rooibos (not technically tea I know), White tea, and Black tea.
  • Whilst I adore lots of tea and have favourite blends, I'm a bit of a minimalist so instead of having a cupboard filled with different specific teas, I stock three base teas at a given time and then blend in my own fruit and spices at compile time like a good programmer.
  • On the minimalism note; all of my regular clothes fit into one drawer. I have a second drawer that contains my training gear in addition to some grooming things.
  • I really like plain block colours on most things. My clothes are generally unbranded (at least visibly) and unpatterned, with the exception of a few shirts with stripes.
  • I started wearing bracers (suspenders for US-English speakers) because I read they're healthier and I hate feeling pressure around my gut. Now I actually quite enjoy how they look as well as how they feel.
  • I love the sea and own a boat called The Morning Star, it's currently docked in a posh middle-class marina where people live-aboard. It needs a little bit of work with things rigging here and there, and the plan is to move into the boat soon to live; eventually I want to take it away and work remotely from somewhere with a nice calm coastline.

More soon. Probably. Maybe.