Quick Evaluation of Brimstone CMS and my Silo Use

by on 2016-10-11 | License Permalink

I have a bit of a weird relationship with the Indieweb. I’m not really sure where I stand in that nexus as I’ve made no attempts to connect with the community, but draw inspiration heavily from Indieweb user Rhiaro and often look on the wiki when I’ve got work-paralysis on Brimstone and want to procrastinate by adding another half-finished feature and not fix muh bugs. Anyway, from the Indieweb I learned of the term “Silo”. Defined as

A silo, or web content hosting silo, in the context of the IndieWeb, is a centralized web site typically owned by a for-profit corporation that stakes some claim to content contributed to it and restricts access in some way (has walls).

They share characteristics such as preventing easy export of content in standard formats, and requiring you to use an identity exclusive to that site (ie your Facebook account. Since I recently underwent evaluations of my Facebook use, and subsequently began my tactical withdrawal from the platform, I thought I’d evaluate my current state of play. It’s coming up a year since I started development over here.

Silo Use

Here’s the state-of-play when it comes to my use of Silos

Brimstone CMS

Here’s the state-of-the-art when it comes to my indieweb software

Features I’d like


I’m not too bad in the way of Silo use. There’s a lot to do on Brimstone but now I actually have myself a TODO list. Should be a fun year.