Decluttering Update

by on 2017-08-25 | License Permalink

This year I’ve really been on a decluttering journey. I’ve gotten into taking a more minimalist approach to my personal space, and throwing away lots of stuff I didn’t need. I think I’ve written about it this year already, but I can’t be bothered to search for the previous posts and link them. Sorry.

I’m writing this at the end of a pretty good, purposeful week. One might think, then, that this post will be full of profound reflection and insight. Actually, I’m knackered and I can’t think of what I want to write. So I’m just doing an update on my decluttering goals at the moment :-P

These efforts are, for the most part, concentrated within my bedroom. It’s not bad at the moment, tbh. My partner says that “[I] have no stuff!” and that “[I] had hardly anything to begin with!”. Take her words with a pinch of salt, though, as she is a clutter-bug. She loves clart. Anyway, I’ve completed a whole bunch of decluttering in the bedroom context:

I’ve also made similar efforts in the main room. Although this by its nature is limited to the presence of my bookcase. I’ve been removing all of the physical books for which I have a Kindle-readable copy of, providing it’s of a decent formatting. I donated the books to charity. The effect was significant, and there are only two shelves occupied on my bookshelf now. To compensate for the removal of these redundant copies, I bought a USB memory stick to store regular back-ups of my digital library.

I don’t know whether there should be any closing remarks, now. I guess that the only thing to say is that this is only half the battle, and that maintenance is key. Already during my decluttering phase I’ve bought new items – a few books here and there, and a Hangiri. The difference is, that all these things are serving an explicit role and purpose for me (at least at the moment). I’m enjoying removing all the stuff I don’t like, keeping the stuff that has purpose to me or brings me joy, and filling the place with plants.

If I do anything interesting soon I’ll write about it. I don’t think my landlord will help me store the bed so I can replace it with a folding futon, but we’ll see.