A mundane snapshot of stuff on my Phone

by on 2018-01-22 | License Permalink

I’ve been absent from writing longform posts lately (or shortform for that matter tbh) for a number of reasons. To ease me back into it I’ve decided to do a short series of “Mundane Snapshots” which will essentially consist of elaborated lists of stuff I’m up to at the moment. The purpose is essentially to re-carve out the time I want to spend writing / blogging and make writing a habit agin.

To start with, I’ve decided to just talk about the state of my phone. Modern phones are quite personal; they know a lot about us due to the usage data we give them. For most of us, we likely have a commercial OS such as Apple’s iOS or a Google-centric variant of Android. This is true of me too, although over the last 18 months or so I’ve been working really hard to try and remove my reliance on Google and proprietary services in general, so I thought it would be nice for me to take a ‘snapshot’ of my phone and its installed applications to reflect on my current relationship with it.

Installed Apps

Well, that’s it I guess. Hope that wasn’t too boring to read. It was fun to write.