Some links for August 2021

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Here are some of the articles on the web that I found interesting and worth sharing this month. Not all posts are from this month, but I read them recently. I hope you enjoy them.

  • A Markdown to PDF Workflow on Linux – a useful tutorial on generating a paginated PDF from markdown on Linux using wkhtmltopdf. Perhaps you’re generating a paper from a markdown source and you’re wanting to avoid the LaTeX middle-step!
  • Mormonism’s Sci-fi Swansong by Andrew Kay – a funny and interesting longread about an event in the Mormon Church.
  • I Miss It All by Devin Kelly – Another longread, but one that captured a lot and made me feel things.
  • A Man’s Guide to Wristwatches – I quite like AoM as a source of, generally, positive influence on contemporary men’s interests. This is one of their older articles, but as I’ve just started wearing a wristwatch again after some years I re-read it and found myself just as captivated as before.