Some links for September 2021

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Unlike my paucity of Esperanto links this month; I’ve accumulated a lot of English ones. I’ve limited the sharing to four, however, to make sure some are banked for a rainy day.

  • Why are hyperlinks blue? – Elise Blanchard does a deep dive into the history of hyperlinks. I found this fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable.
  • A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden – I’ve been hiking around the Indieweb as of late, enjoying seeing people’s personal sites and reading blogs properly. One of the things I stumbled across was a bunch of people tending what they termed as “Digital Gardens”; collections of ever-green, constantly growing, articles that form a halfway house between a thesis on a subject and a public notebook. This was enlightening and something I may try out in the future.
  • What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right – I can’t remember how I found this one. It was a chilling read, but one that ultimately ends in hope. I think anyone who wants to counteract contemporary fascism should read this as it’s very insightful.
  • Tagging is Broken – Tiago Forte unknowingly takes a potshot at my entire PhD thesis (not really, but close) and make some incredible points about the mental load required of tagging items. Whereas I once championed tags over categories, my academic research and posts like these are making me rethink the overall approach. I haven’t come to a solid conclusion yet, though. Perhaps this is something to plant in a digital garden in the future.