Some links for October 2021

by on 2021-10-21 | License Permalink

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, so there’s plenty to share. Limiting myself to three links to avoid overwhelm. I’ve actually been hanging around Geminispace a bit, so in the future you can expect some gemini:// style links maybe?

  • From productivity porn to mindful productivity – Anne-Laure Le Cuff writes for Ness Labs about the difference between actually spending time thinking about being productive vs the ‘Productivity Porn’ which is sold. Trust capitalism to commodify the idea of being productive itself, and then package it back to you. The article is a solid read.
  • How to Negotiate with Ransomware Hackers – I found this article via Scott Nesbitt’s Monday Kickoff. I’ve always found ransomware fascinating, due to the one time I had to remove some from my late father’s laptop manually as it had replaced the Windows Shell. It was as close as I’ve ever gotten to be a cool-ass hacker.
  • The Aztecs Foresaw the End of the World – an old favourite of mine. I miss Sam Kriss a lot. He combines anti-capitalism with the mythopoetic language and worldview that I hold dear. Read this, it affected me once and I re-read it every year.