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Updated: 2021-07-07

This is in response to the now page movement. Right now:

  • I continue to work 5 days a week at Open Data Services Co-operative and thoroughly enjoy my work there.
  • I am slowly starting to make changes to my Phd Thesis after successfully defending it in June 2021.
  • The Patchwork Project, the charity which I’ve been involved heavily with for years has just experienced a personal tragedy but we’ll make it through. I am very proud of everyone there.
  • My branch of the Communist Party of Britain is meeting regularly to coordinate activity, but I’m not taking to the streets just yet.
  • I’m decorating the office room of my flat
  • I’m learning Esperanto for fun and usefulness. I’m using some common apps, writing with a penpal, and (less often) reading articles and stories.
  • I’m binging some Star Wars books at the minute. They’re sorta like my Harry Potter and I love them.