Hi, I'm Matt

I was released to the public in 1991, a few months after the Web. This is my personal website which I primarily use as a blog. You can read more about me on the About page, see what I’m up to now via the Now page, and see how to get in touch via the Contact Page. There’s also some meta information about the site itself on the Site Notes page.


My dream e-reader

Goodbye Ubuntu (mostly)

My take on the Plain Text Personal Organiser

2021 Winter Solstice Update (belated)

Some links for November 2021

Some housekeeping for November 2021

Some links for October 2021

Why your pizza tracker lies to you

Some links for September 2021

Some links for August 2021

Some quick site notes

2021 Summer Solstice Update

Migrating (temporarily?) to Jekyll

So I'm grieving right now

A year of journaling

Finding joy in converting a file

You should write to your MP, here's a template

Writing a thesis in markdown

Your brain on liberalism (a quick socialist rant)

State of my phone 2020-06

Routine is a tool, not the point

Review of TURF @ Goodspace in Newcastle upon Tyne

Review of the VIP Inn Berna Hotel in Lisbon

Capitalism and the Planet - a happy May Day to all

(Almost) Off into the sunset; what I've been up to for the last six months

2018 was a Long Year

Another List of Stuff I Own (December 2018)

Goodbye Twitter

Gratitude List Autumn 2018

Quick thoughts on Minimalist Design Patterns for Brimstone

Initial thoughts on the new laptop

Brief reflections on my relationship with photos


A List of Stuff I Own (May 2018)

Accountability Work: Examining the Values, Technologies and Work Practices that Facilitate Transparency in Charities

My relationship with self-care

A mundane snapshot of stuff on my Phone

On Screens

Suspicious Emails

All about the sleep

Going to Ground

Flatmates and Housework

Dying Light


A slice of PIE

Equinox planting

Memento Mori

Decluttering Update

Every morning

Boats and a fear of success

Fasting Pt 3: Towards my Media Fasting goals

Fasting Pt 2: Towards my new Dietary Fast

Strength Training, Fasting, and Emotional Labour

GE2017 Reaction: I feel the sun

Unpublished ACM Submission

Am I a Maker?

The Simple Peace of Mending Socks

Journalling 014 -- Nostalgia

Journalling 013 -- Kaizen and Handstands

Journalling 012 -- If I were a folk of leisure

Journalling 011 -- Distractions

Journalling 010 -- Nostalgia

Journalling 009 -- Project Outline

Journalling 008 -- Social Circles

Journalling 007 -- Levelling up, a roadmap for myself

Journalling 006 - A Day in the Life

Pulling away from Big Google

Journalling 005 - Reflections on Career Path

Journalling 004 - 6 Word Memoir

Journalling 003 - A Letter

Brimstone: Plans and Situated Actions

Journalling 002 Via Negativa

Journalling 001 - A Positive Habit

Thoughts on Minimalism, Zero Waste, and Class

Year in Strength 2016 - Reflections on Strength Training

Week in Review - 20 Dec 16

A bit of DeGoogling

Riding Shotgun (or Getting a Grip)

Hero's Journey: Call to Adventure, or Road of Trials?

Marked for Release (or Letting Go)

Thinking about 'Stuff'

Quick Evaluation of Brimstone CMS and my Silo Use

The Great Reclaim: Where I am with social media

Feature Creep, and Doing.

Saving on Sushi

Reflections on my Facebook use

Accountable: Exploring the Inadequacies of Transparent Financial Practice in the Non-Profit Sector

The End of the Tunnel (is in sight)

Grumbly Review - VidaHost hosting (is bad for devs)

Please use PDF

I'm going to run to Mordor

Jar of Broken Dreams

Year In Strength 2015: Reflections on Training

Tags vs Categories: All hail tags

Fifteen Years Later (A trip down memory lane)

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