Matt Marshall

October 2020

I always laugh-cry at the whole "ICT 4 Development" tagline of improving the conditions of "under-developed" countries as if they weren't simply just over-exploited to begin with. Imperialism will steal your minerals and pat itself on the back as it gives your schools a few chromebooks

capitalism technology imperialism

Despite writing thesis and papers for many years I have never, ever, learned the art of allaying the panic of starting a chapter/paper and going "Oh no how will I achieve 10k words!". It inevitably leads to the panic of "Oh shit this is 20k words already"

life academia phd writing

If someone's invented like a heat-retaining blanket that can be "charged" on a radiator and just kinda retains heat for a little while let me know. I am permanently chasing that "hoodie just off the radiator" feeling.

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