Inspired by rhiaro. Here’s how you may get in touch with me should you feel the need


Email is my preferred method of getting in touch. I have a few identities with email mostly based around the work I do at either Open Data Services Co-operative or Open Lab. Use those appropriately if you’ve got questions about Open Data stuff or my research. Otherwise I have two personal email addresses. One of them I don’t share publically to minimise spam; that means anything that comes in there will be personal and nice to read (or important). If you don’t know that one you can get me at communications [care of] Here’s my PGP Key if you’re into that.

Instant Messaging

You can also send me an IM. I use both Signal and Telegram. I am aware of the multiple problems with each (problems with Signal | problems with Telegram), but this is the best we’ve got. I’ve got each of them on both my phone and laptop. I will mostly see messages on my laptop when it’s open (office hours + weekends, mostly). If you don’t know me already please contact me via Telegram rather than Signal. I have never used Whatsapp and I will try my utmost to avoid it forever.

Phone call and SMS

I store my phone at home in a box unless I need it for 2-factor auth or for travel. Expect long replies for SMS. All unknown numbers are routed to voicemail automatically, so leave a message.

Social Media

I no longer federate my content out to social media. I maintain my username on, but do not log in. I do not have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, or LinkedIn accounts.